Catie Davis


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A solo show created and performed by David Sauvage

Lighting & Sound Design by Jake DeGroot

Sold-out workshop production presented at Theaterlab as part of TLab Shares, Produced by David Solie, April 13-15, 2018

Two-week run produced by Theaterlab, November 29-December 9, 2018

David is an empath. He has the rare ability to feel what you’re feeling all the way down to your core. This one-man show followed David's winding path from self-proclaimed "typical Jewish cynic" to the discovery of his gift for experiencing the emotions of others. We journey through his depression, test the waters of the psychic realm, visit Burning Man, and go deep into the hidden parts of David's body and mind. Part play, part TED talk, featuring live intuitive readings, Empath left audiences reflecting deeply on their own gifts, and the empathy that connects us all. To read more about David Sauvage, called a "master of his craft" by The Guardian and Vice, click HERE. And to read the full press release about this production, click HERE.

Photos by Jake DeGroot and Mark Abramson