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“Open about his own anxieties and perpetual self‑doubt, Mr. Sauvage becomes surprisingly vulnerable for a spiritual guide. He is personable and endearingly relatable throughout, and his humor and warmth bring levity to the more intimidating aspects of his declared powers. “Empath” feels less about psychic powers than about the man who purports to live with them. It is an incredible yet charming story of self‑discovery.” – James Bartholomew, All About Solo 2018


“At first glance, Empath’s existence as a theatrical show may seem contrived or puzzling, casting understated personal narrative against a field of cultural skepticism. Yet if we strip down “theatre” to the shared act of distilling, embodying, and observing the human condition, and achieving connection through such means, this very guilelessness makes Empath theatre in its purest form. Belief systems notwithstanding, the show’s message is universal: while our feelings may seem difficult, oppressive, or inexplicable, we have the right to each one of them and to choose how we approach them. In a tense and disconnected world, this acknowledgement is profound, as much a reassurance as an affirmation of our power.” – Emily Cordes, Theatre Is Easy 2018




"Sauvage is a charismatic man and he definitely has a gift for writing, speaking and healing… The direction by Catie Davis was well done as well as the fabulous lighting and sound design is by Broadway’s Jake DeGroot.” – Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles 2018



“Thoughtful and insightful... It will keep you curious and interested. Sauvage is quite a person. He has an excellent sense of humor, is beautifully sensitive and has a winning inquisitiveness and honestly seeks truth.” - Isa Freeling, 2018



“The production is directed by Catie Davis, who has all of the designers and actors on the same page. The staging is best in the musical numbers…What fun to see a promising new musical in its infancy.” Allison Frisch, DC Metro Theater Arts 2015