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Words and music by Danny Baird Jr.

Choreographed by Jelani Alladin, Music Directed by Emily Goggin, Costumes by Alexander Cole Gottlieb, Lighting by Katy Atwell, Video by Mark Costello, Sound by Douglas Gillette

Photos from the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival production, produced by by Monumental Theatre Company 

Additional concerts and productions presented at Dixon Place, Joe's Pub, and the New York International Fringe Festival

Medea's putting the pulse back in expulsion. This vaguely-absurdist, disturbingly-feminist new musical synthesized an electro-pop score, "slick choreography," feminist history, and the text of Medea into a "beautifully produced" theatrical event. After two-thousand years in exile, Medea smuggles back to the very theater in which you sit to retell the events that made her infamous, and invoke the spirit of women who've found justice all their own.

Photos by Katy Atwell