Catie Davis


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Book & Lyrics by Stew, Music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald

Choreographed by Jose Rivera Jr., Music Directed by Sinai Tabak, Dramaturgy by Kathleen Hefferon, Scenery by Frank Oliva, Costumes by Alexander Cole Gottlieb, Lighting by Jenna Lloyd, Sound by Callan Hughes and Franklin Swann

NYU senior thesis, presented by Playwrights Horizons Theater School in the Robert Moss Theater

A narrator shares the story of his Youth as a young black musician desperate to escape his 1970s Los Angeles home. Haunted by mom, Church, bad punk music, and the feeling that his community is trying to put him in a mold, he flies off to recreate himself as an artist. The sensual pot-haze paradise of hippie Amsterdam is a sanctuary until eventual boredom propels him on to fiery Berlin's art riots and radical communes. The Youth continues to search for his identity until his mother's shocking death awakens both him and the narrator to the reality of his choices. This production embraced the theatricality of this autobiographical story, using all elements of our performance space to create the Youth's journey.