Catie Davis


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Music by Chris Miller, Lyrics by Nathan Tyson, Book by Claudia Shear & Tim Federle. Based on the novel by Natalie Babbitt.

Choreographed by Byron Easley, Music Directed by Matt Cataldi,  Scenery & Video by BP Houle, Costumes by Matsy Stinson, Lighting by  Charlotte Seelig, Sound by Chris Ricci, Props by Gabby Giacomo

Presented by the New Studio on Broadway at Tisch School of the Arts, March 2018

This production took us on the journey of eleven-year-old Winnie Foster as she discovered the secret of the Tucks, and the possibility of immortal life. When Winnie encounters the immortal Tuck family, she is thrilled by the possibility of thwarting death, who recently took her father. Three of the Tucks don't view immortality through such a golden lens though; they've lived in isolation for a hundred years, guarding their secret from a world that would look to bottle and sell it. As Winnie goes on the adventure of a lifetime, she's torn between setting off eternally with the young Jesse Tuck, and living a natural life cycle surrounded by her community. Throughout this production, our ensemble acted as forces of nature, heightening the new memories Winnie was forming by literally lifting her off the ground. They also foreshadowed the potential experiences she could have if she chose a normal life, lending a hand to the Tucks as they opened Winnie's mind to all she might miss out on by drinking from the spring. When we reached the ballet at the end of the show, and Winnie choose a normal life, some of the images we teased in her imagination unfolded and become fully lived and celebrated. 

Photos by BP Houle & Sub/Urban Photography